A Brief Introduction of Pujya Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj

Bandhu Triputi Pujya Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj is a Jain monk and dynamic orator who travels throughout the world spreading the message of Jainism and the cultural heritage of India. Pujya Jinchandraji initiated monkhood over 55 years ago at a tender age of 8 years along with his parents, two brothers, and sister.

 His initial 15 years of monkhood was spent under the strict yet tender guidance of his revered Guruji Acharya Sahri Prem Suriji Maharaj and other respected acharyas. During that time, Shri Jinchandraji underwent rigorous training, including extensive studies of Jain literature and scriptures. Since that initial stage, Pujya Jinchandraji has spent the past 40 years continuing on his own internal journey of spiritual advancement.

 At the same time, however, he has worked tirelessly to raise religious awareness and spiritual development for both Jainís and non-Jainís. In addition to expounding upon the deep philosophical principles of Jainism in an easy-to-understand manner, questions pertaining to family life, social life, and the religious sphere are explored and explained by him in a way that is both heart-touching and often life-changing. Filled with examples, discussions, and interesting real-life accounts on a wide-variety of topics.

 Pujya Jinchandrajiís lectures have been released on over 100 DVDís,Audio Cdís and Mp3 Cdís. In addition, these lectures have also been broadcasted on National T.V. channels such as the ĎAasthaí channel. Hundreds of men and women, both in India and abroad, have renounced their meat-eating and alcohol-drinking vices after listening Pujya Jinchandrajiís inspiring discourses.

In addition, families worldwide have experienced peace, harmony, and contentment within their daily lives. In this past 20 years, Pujya Jinchandraji has visited America 24 times for religious lectures and programs. Moreover, he has also worked to spread the message of Jainism in all corners of the world by visiting places such as London, Australia, Antwerp, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, and even African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. Shri Jinchandrajiís two elder brothers, the late Munishri Munichandraji Maharaj, a great poet who was a model of inner peace and happiness and Munishri Kirtichandraji Maharaj, who has been actively involved in subjects such as Indian philosophy, Ashtang yoga, and Meditation.

 Through Bandhu Triputi Munijisí inspiration, Shantiniketan Sadhna Kendra was established 25 years ago.Shantidham Aradhana Kendra,was developed nearby 12 years ago .These ashrams are located in the picturesque coastal village of Tithal, near the town of Valsad, in Southern Gujarat.

 Shantidham Aradhna Kendra is being developed under the blessings and guidance of Pujya Shree Jinchandraji Maharaj. Mantra Sadhna Shibirs, Jain Swadhyay Shibirs and many different activities for the Jain Community and Humanity in general are being organized here from time to time. Furthermore, in cities and towns across the globe, both large and small, many religious and spiritual centers, as well as numerous Jain Temples, have been established under the inspirational guidance, and blessings of Pujya Shree Jinchandraji Maharaj.