Melbourne Shwetambar Jain Sangh Inc.


Although we do not have exact numbers, it is estimated that as of September 2007, Melbourne, Australia is home to approximately 400 Jains (considering all sects of Jainism).


We are a group of Jain families and individuals following the Shwetambar sect of Jainism. As a group, we have been meeting on a very regular basis since 2002 to do various Jain activities including two Samayiks every fortnight, Snatra Puja on an ad hoc basis, Paryushan Aaradhana and Samvatsari Pratikramana.


Shantiniketan Malaysia


Shantiniketan Foundation Malaysia is a legally registered Jain religious trust established in 2001 under the blessings & guidance of world renowned Pujya Bandhu Triputi Maharaj, a trinity brotherhood union of Jain monks, namely His Holiness (Late) Shri Munichandraji Maharaj, His Holiness Shri Kirtichandraji Maharaj & His Holiness Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj.


Pujya Bandhu Triputi first visited Malaysia in 1991, during their visit to Singapore to attend The World Jain Conference. Together with Archarya Shri Sushil Kumarji Maharaj, they held religious lectures and discourses in Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. In 1998 Shri Bharat Jasani invited Pujya Gurudev Shri Jinchandraji Maharaj to perform the first ever Shree ParshvaPadmavati Mahapoojan ever to be held in Malaysia.


Responding to the tremendous reception during the same period, a proposal to set up a trust was forwarded to Gurudevs. Shantiniketan Foundation Malaysia was officially launch by Pujya Gurudev Shri Kirtichandraji Maharaj in 2000 during a formal function held in Kuala Lumpur and witnessed by various dignitaries from India and Malaysia. The trust was legally registered in June 2001. Since then Pujya Bandhu Triputi have been visiting Malaysia on a regular basis.


Prerna Prakashan Trust


Prerna Prakashan Trust has been actively engaged in the process of publication of the knowledge and that has been coming out of the loveable, intellectual and pujya Rev. Munishri Jinchandraji Maharaj in form of Audio Cassattes,Cd's,DVD's and Books since last 25 years.

Till date there has been more than 300 audio cassattes and more than 100 DVD's,Audioo Cd's,Video Cd's, Mp.3 that have been publicised by this trust.

Prerna Prakashan Trust is proud to serve the people by sending out the Indian values and thoughts of Prabhu Mahavir which are useful to mankind in this competitive and stressful human life,To continue this work in a more systematic and channelised manner is the sole aim of our trust for which we have continously been supported by genourous Sadhak's from around the world.


Shantiniketan Aradhana Kendra,Tithal

In Eastern India on the soil of Bangal situated "Shantiniketan" of Ravindra Tagore which is well known in the world for its Literature, Music and Culture Knowledge Centre and in the same manner, in Western India on the soil of Gujarat, Bandhu-Triputi namely three Revolutionary Jain Munis have established "Shantiniketan" which is known of its Knowledge, Meditation and Bhakti Triveni Tirth which has became well known in country and in abroad countries.

In namely "Bandhu-Triputi" Jain Jainetar in the people, three Munis at Tithal Sea-Beach in the sanvant years 1983 established Shantiniketan Sadhna Kendra and they have virtually made Tithal as One Tirth-Dham.

In South Gujarat from Valsad Town at the distance of only 4-5 kms. at Tithal Peaceful Sea Beach among the fresh greenery this is located which is serene, peaceful, pious and beautiful environment and with clean and beautiful and for its pompous states reason, at the first sight, it is restoted in the heart, this is such a place.