Essentially, happiness can be divided into 3 categories: 
1.) Physical happiness; 2.) Mental happiness;  3.)  Spiritual happiness. 
In order for one to fill his life with these three types of happiness, he first must learn the steps to achieve them.  The following is a brief summary of these steps.

1.)  For Physical Happiness:

a.  Regular and proper diet.
b.  Regular and proper rest.
c.  Regular and proper exercise.

2.)  For Mental Happiness:

a.  Minimize expectation.
b.  Minimize ego/pride.
c.  Minimize negative thoughts.

3.)  For Spiritual Happiness:

a.  Recognize your soul (as a separate entity from the body). To do this:
Past:  Do not live in the past. ( Free yourself of past memories and experiences.)
Future:  Do not worry about the future. ( But, plan for the future.)
Present:  Free yourself of any attachments and hatred (Raag-Dvesh).
b.  Help all living beings without any expectations.
c. Meditate regularly and surrender to the Supreme Soul.

Translation and Summary of Gujarati Lecture by:

Munishri Jinchandraji Maharaj (Bandhu Triputi)